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Gala Wagon Show

Eco-Themed Children's and Family Entertainment

Learning about Recycling, Conservation, Waste Reduction and Global Warming
has Never Been So Much Fun!

Dr Solar's Gala Wagon Show (The World's First Solar Powered Theatre) a participant of The Greenest Show on Earth, is a premier attraction at fairs, festivals, civic events, and school fundraisers where SOLAR, SUSTAINABILITY, and ECOLOGY are being celebrated. Dr. Solar is the greenest act available today. Watch Youtube Slideshow.

While exotic Oriental lanterns sway in the breeze overhead, flicker-flame bulbs emanate from vintage coal oil lamps creating a classic image of the historic days of the Medicine Show's heyday. Wonders of wonder unfold on Dr. Solar's stage. Children of all ages, from preschoolers to young at heart senior citizens, are captivated, held "in the palm of his hand...," as he touts the necessity of one's purchase of a bottle of his magical "Wizard Oil" Elixir.

“Thank you very much for performing at our membership event. Everyone loved your shows. We were also surprised by the amount of guest that showed up. We had 300 more than last year. It was a wonderful turn out for us... You were wonderful with the children and your solar powered wagon was a big hit! We hope to work with you on future events.”

Delta Pick Mello, Membership director, California State Railroad Museum Foundation


A Testament to Safe Energy!

His first safe-energy themed performance was presented at a community event celebrating Mother's Day in 1982. This is his gift to Mother Earth; without her, we have nothing. By the mid nineties only 500 solar homes existed in California and while offering up his home for solar tours was not enough, the Good Doctor was hot to begin the Solar Road Show.

“Dr. Solar brings in the new millennium with entertainment of high caliber and one-of-a-kind venue while promoting the future of safe energy standards....His show celebrates alternative energy; his wagon is solar powered, yet reminiscent of circus wonders of the bygone era...”

Jim Farley, director, MARIN COUNTY FAIR
(Greenest County Fair on Earth)

Dr. Solar's magical presentations attempt to bring personal health and global health, to the forefront all the while reducing global warming show by show.

“The first sign of illness is seeing spots before your eyes...” he barks while spots magically appear and disappear before your very eyes. Children laugh, they scream with excitement while he bumbles along ala the Wizard of Oz, all the while thinking they are on to his antics. But, wait until the self- proclaimed star of the show, Ducky O'Neil, makes his appearance, the children are bowled over instantly, mesmerized by his character, his style, his “charm”. His commanding personality will make him a household name with warm memories that will last a lifetime.

“...the reason for this crowd is Dr. Solar and his Good Time, Sunshine Traveling Medicine Show. I haven't seen someone with a presence like his in a long time, let alone in real life”... “Thanks to you, Harmony Festival is number ONE as being truly a family-friendly concert venue, not some after thought as far as large scale music fests go.”

2008 Harmony Festival Attendee


Dr Solar Center Stage
The Completey Self Contained Solar Powered Wagon Can Power a Full Band for Eight Hours!


Producers take note: his solar stage has been used as a central stage, powering up any number of complete bands scheduled throughout a sunny afternoon. One occasion, a seven piece jug band performed until 11:00 pm utilizing the backup battery storage with energy to spare. The solar array is quite capable, and does, power his household electrical needs, when home.


Currently many cities are hosting family film nights at their parks or downtown plazas. Dr. Solar's solar powered theater is complete with a drop down seven foot movie screen. Make your event green! Since 1982 the doctor has been projecting media on downtown building walls, utilizing solar power, and entertaining multitudes. Whether you project DVD or take advantage of his large collection of 16mm comedy films, he will make your film night memorable.

“Please allow me to sing praises of the amazing, magical and wonderfully funny Dr. Solar and his Solar-Powered Gypsy Wagon!......This was a truly delightful, completely solar act! Our audience ranged from very young to very old and as the sun set, Dr. Solar's stage lit up and so did our audience. It was a pleasure to see the crowd laugh and marvel at the science and the silliness of his show. This memorable evening concluded with a silent film and smiles as Dr. Solar packed his gypsy wagon and rolled off into the starry night. Truly amazing!”

Kathleen Stewart, Yuba County Library Programs & Outreach.


Dr Solar Center Stage
Children Enjoying Some Post Show Entertainment with Dr Solar and Ducky.


Besides the numerous performance packages, add-on include;

  • Strolling about your grounds with his very life-like “mind reading goose”. Its been known to lay a golden egg or two. Families love the interaction with their little loved ones, children adore this attention, many Kodak moments are derived

  • One-on-one interaction with Ducky O'Neil as attendees attempt to “outsmart a dummy”. Using such items as a “lie detector” and crystal ball, Ducky divines the outcome 99% of the time. Teens really like this challenge. In this day and age it is a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with a real antique wooden head, in a world of plush puppets.

  • The doctor tools about on his solar electrified tricycle styled after a turn-of-the-Century drayage (delivery) truck spreading goodwill and joy as he talks up alternative modes of transportation and energy while providing many memorable Kodak photo-ops, making balloon animals and passing out souvenirs.


Dr Solar with Duck Dr Solars Bicycle

You are my sun-shine, my only sunshine,
you make me hap-py when skies are grey, you'll never know dear,
how much I love you,...please don't take my sun-shine away...

The Doctor may be the purveyor of the World's First Solar-Powered Theatre, but you... you are his sunshine...


Just a phone call away. Don’t delay.

Call: 916-524-1176

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